Fourth of July is a fantastic day to celebrate our freedoms as Americans. The classic celebrations of barbecues, fireworks, and parades always make for a fun day. However, some basic safety precautions should be taken to ensure everyone has a successful holiday:

  1. Don’t use illegal fireworks. In many states, fireworks are illegal because of a huge risk of wildfires. If this is the case for you, try to refrain from using fireworks. Not only will the huge fines ruin your holiday, but it is simply not worth the risk of causing a huge fire.

2. If drinking, be sure to have a designated driver. This is a rule that should be followed all of              the time, but becomes more apparent on a major holiday like 4th of July where a greater                  percentage of people are drinking.

3. Be cautious of young children around water. Many 4th of July activities involve water, this              can lead to opportunities for young children to possibly drown if they fall into the water and            no one sees them.