Recently, a Trojan Labor employee in Gainesville, Florida made a big impression on the Executive Director Andy Hopson at The Agency at the University of Florida.
Trojan Labor employee Jeff Simon was working outside of the University’s basketball stadium ensuring that people did not enter the construction site. As the University of Florida employee passed by, Jeff greeted him with a smile and said “Let’s go out and make a difference in the world today.” According to Andy, Jeff’s words had a profound impact on him. He later wrote in his blog,


“Thousands of UF graduates will go out into the world after this week’s graduation with educations that have prepared them to make a difference in their various fields, while Jeff stands in the blistering Florida sun smiling and giving encouragement to everyone he encounters. The takeaway is clear. It’s not education or status in life that empowers us to make a difference. It is our attitude. Making a difference in the world requires the ability to truly care about the people who inhabit it.”


At Trojan Labor, we strive to be the “right people at the right time.” We are very proud of Jeff Simon for having a positive impact on the people around him and being a great representative of the Trojan Labor family.

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